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AmiSight 11/2: Having Trouble Hiring People - Consider This Approach

If you’re having trouble finding the right people to hire, today’s podcast is for you. I asked my friend David Nilssen to tell me about his new company, Doxa7, which helps businesses build and scale up high-performing, global teams. David started this business at the beginning of the pandemic to help entrepreneurs tap into new talent pools, compete in the war for talent and give us new capabilities that we didn’t have before. COVID made employers more comfortable with the idea of working and managing people remotely. “At that point, there’s no difference between hiring someone across the country in Florida or hiring an English speaker from the Philippines with the same qualifications.”

"Global outsourcing" is often associated with large companies who hire masses of unskilled employees for cheap. That is not what Doxa7 does. Instead, doxa7 vets out professionals and individually recruits for every single role to ensure individuals have the skills needed and are in cultural alignment with you. Candidates go through multiple assessments before Doxa7 ever endorses the candidate to you. Doxa7 also manages payroll, benefits, accounting, taxes, and any other local knowledge needed when hiring someone from a foreign country.

It can be scary to introduce the idea of global talent to your team, so make sure to assure them that no one is losing their jobs to these international employees. Doxa7 often sees the responsibilities and opportunities of domestic workers upped because the companies are now able to scale faster. “Think about it as remote, not offshore.”

While you can save some money hiring global employees, it's essential to ask yourself this question: "Are you going for high quality and high impact talent, or are you going for cheap support?” Because these employees are educated full-time workers (CPAs, Software Engineers, Sales Developers, Marketing Automation Specialists, etc.), they are paid as such. This amount is usually less than what it would cost to hire an employee with the same skillset and education in America, but more than what it would cost for unskilled, outsourced labor.

Listen Here for the Whole Story:

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