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AmiSight 11/23: Do Not Run Your Business With Your Shoelaces Untied

Today we are lucky to have one of the two founding masterminds behind, Dennis Najjar, CPA, CGMA, with us. How did Dennis get started? A couple of years after starting his business, Quickbooks came out and started convincing people they didn’t need accountants anymore. This was surprising to accountants because they didn’t know how clients would do this on their own. Dennis had one of his clients send him their financial statements from Quickbooks and immediately had to fix everything out of curiosity.

Ironically, Dennis started making more money fixing the mistakes clients had made by trying to do it on their own versus if he just would have done it himself, to begin with. He tried to teach clients how to properly use the program, which still didn’t work because it wasn’t the main job of the people who were being put in charge of the program. They were secretaries or spouses or CEOs doing it in their spare time. Unfortunately, there’s a hesitation for people to admit that they don’t understand accounting or the financial reports they're getting. Business owners need to recognize that they’re not expected to be experts in accounting. Hire someone who is.

Now, Dennis helps those businesses by offering virtual accounting, advisory, and controller services. While they don’t do taxes, every business gets an accounting specialist and CPA controller who takes over the accounting, forecasting, modeling, and budgeting.

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