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AmiSight 11/3: One Way to Not Earn A Loyal Customer

As I arrived at my hotel in Austin yesterday after several hours of travel, I wondered why the check-in process at my hotel was taking so long with several guests ahead of me in line. So I joked to my team member that I am traveling with that we would cross-sold something at check-in.

I was half right. The offer was free WIFI for signing up for their loyalty program. And this was a physical form that the lovely woman at the desk (who was probably getting spiffed $1 a sign up) had to double-check. My excellent excuse was that I was a Doctor’s son for my poor handwriting and didn't get a smile.

She assured me that there would be an introductory email when I got up to the room, and as soon as I verified my email, I would have free WIFI. Well, I had to pay for the WIFI, and when the promised email arrived a few hours later, I gleefully unsubscribed.

Remember, friends: the devil is in the details.

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