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AmiSight 12/13: Ami’s Hotseat: What Comes First -- The Chicken or the Egg

Today’s podcast guest is Eric Rozenberg, who I put on my hot seat. Eric is currently searching for small businesses to acquire. He has been working in different industries throughout his career, and now instead of running a small business, Eric wishes to acquire them. "Podcasting and coaching business owners in the meetings and events industry is my passion, but my other passion is to build teams - which I think is the best tool to acquire businesses. When things are going daily, I'm bored." Eric's goal is to acquire small businesses gradually, in the same vertical or complementary to each other, and not have to be involved in the day-to-day.

So what should Eric do? Should he buy the first business all on his own using an SBA loan and then worry about how to deal with the second and third acquisitions later? Or should he put together a group of investors now and have a fund ready to go?

During this "hot seat" experience, I pressed Eric about his thought process behind acquiring small businesses. I want him to be comfortable with ambiguity instead of stubbornly stuck on one path or another. Throughout this episode, I'm not trying to convince him that one way is better than the next, but rather to open his mind to the fact that there's more than one way to skin a cat - and then to make the best decision from there.

To hear more on Eric’s hot seat experience, click here: ​ ​

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