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AmiSight 12/9: What Could You Be Doing to Grow Your Business Faster?

Take a few minutes today and ask yourself: what would you do next year to grow and expand your business if you had no constraints. What are the three top initiatives you would like to do in 2022?

The next question is: why are you not doing these? What is the restraint? Is it fear, lack of people, or perhaps lack of cash?

So you should have a pretty simple table. The three most impactful things you would like to do in 2022, with a note next to it about what you think is holding you back from getting them done.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Rhonda Sparks
Rhonda Sparks
Dec 09, 2021

I’ve loved these thought provoking questions and actionable items. I’m actually using them with my leadership team and asking THEM the questions to ponder as they run their departments For 2022. I want to bring as much intention as possible for the year. All such great stuff. Thank you!


Dec 09, 2021

Ami, your timing is spot as this conversation needs to happen each and every year end for all business owners. Glancing backwards I see that there is a need to diversify my customer base, even though vertical specialization has preached as the best way to maximum profits. Secondly I need discover some method to replace all the personal energy I have invested, and continue to invest, as my pace cannot continue. I know these are only two initiatives yet the realization that I cannot keep up the pace will lead to many more items to address

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