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AmiSight 2/1: Happy 12th Birthday MultiFunding

It’s hard to imagine that MultiFunding turns 12 today!!! I know that I could write some cute post about the 12 lessons I have learned so far – but instead, I want to share a few things I am grateful for, not in any particular order.

The memories bring some PTSD, but I am thankful that I had the stubbornness and courage to grind through the first several difficult years to get here today.

I count my lucky stars that I have a company and a profession that I love and feel passionate about. I would have given up early on if I didn’t love it.

I appreciate my team and family, who have and continue to give me so much support along the way.

And finally, I am thankful to every one of you and every entrepreneur we have met along the way. You are the reason we get up in the morning, stay up late at night, and do what we do.

So Thank You !!!!

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