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AmiSight 2/15: How Well Do You Understand Your Financials?

Today’s podcast guest is the President and Founder of Signature Analytics, Jason Kruger. His company provides expert-level accounting and business advisory solutions to small and middle-market companies throughout southern California and beyond. Jason is focused on helping business owners, leaders, and executives improve performance in their business by providing greater visibility into their financials to achieve their goals.

Signature Analytics' 5-step process for client success focuses first on goal and roadmap development, ensuring confidence in timely and accurate accounting, and finally, bringing clarity to a company's financial information through reporting to drive forward-looking decisions that impact business value margins, improved cash flows, etc. Over the last 20 years, Jason has developed a clear understanding of what it takes to push a company to cut costs, improve reporting, and enhance operational efficiencies to strengthen its financial position.

After working as a CPA at other firms, Jason thought that the small and middle-market companies deserved better and wanted to provide top-level talent to them in a flexible way. Signature Analytics differs from the firm or person who prepares your taxes. They are always on, digging deep, and working to give you the most up-to-date financials that you can make decisions on. The person who does your taxes once a year is just doing a quick overview to ensure there are no glaring issues with the documents they need to file. Plus, having that information after the year has already ended doesn’t do you much good. To make better decisions, you need a better understanding of your financials at that moment.

Learn More about Jason’s Tips Here:

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