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AmiSight 2/28: Should the Events in Ukraine Be Slowing Us Down as Entrepreneurs?

The events in Ukraine are heartbreaking and frightening. I spent a lot of time this weekend glued to the television, feeling disillusioned and hopeless.

So as entrepreneurs, what can or should we do about the situation? The easy thing to do is find worthwhile causes and donate money. The more challenging thing is to decide if the events in Ukraine and worries about a spiraling conflict should slow down our plans with our companies.

I had one entrepreneur cancel a call with me last week about their growth plans. The message came across that they were putting their expansion on pause due to the situation. If you take this position, it's fair and understandable.

I see the world differently. We live in an unsettling and confusing world that is going through many social, economic, political, and health changes. I have no clear picture of where it's all going to end up. But I know that if I become overwhelmed with the fear of the unknown, I will never get anywhere. So I decide to keep pushing forward and ignore a lot of concerns. Only history will tell me if my perspective is correct. I am counting on it.

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Rhonda Sparks
Rhonda Sparks
Feb 28, 2022

I’m with you, Ami. I’ve become very versed at cautious optimism over the past two years. Our team and our customers are counting on us to continue to bring them ‘normalcy’ so we charge ahead with plans. :)

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