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AmiSight 2/7: The Great Resignation is Not an Excuse

Last week, I spoke with a friend whose company is losing key people left and right. I challenged him on what was going on, and his response was: The Great Resignation. He suggested that the issue was a macro issue and had nothing to do with his leadership or what was happening at his company.

Not so fast !!! The Great Resignation is real but means you have to work twice as hard on culture and taking care of your team and people. You can't hide behind The Great Resignation or use it as an excuse. Do the work !!!

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Rebecca Schultz
Rebecca Schultz
Feb 07, 2022

Exit interviews - this is a time to learn from those leaving. What do they dislike about the job? Businesses should be able to get honest feedback at this point. What do they think you could do better? What do they hope to gain from leaving? What would keep them from leaving?

There are lots of businesses that are doing amazing in the talent retention battle because they are listening and getting creative. I agree with Ami, do the work. It's not hard and the results could set the company up for a huge amount of success.

Personally, I think the business owner in the story is tired. I get it. We're all tired and our tanks are empty. Secret,…

Feb 16, 2022
Replying to

Good input Rebecca, thank you!

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