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AmiSight 3/15: Bigger Isn’t Always Better When It Comes to Growing Your Business

When Entrepreneurs’ Organization member Barry Raber was doing research for an article he was planning to write about how to think bigger and expand into new markets, he completely changed direction. 


After interviewing 10 local entrepreneurs, he instead wrote “Bigger Isn't Always Better: 4 Benefits of Staying Small.” Most of the small business owners told him they intentionally remained at their current business size, serving a smaller client base.


The four benefits of staying small include:

  1. Less work, less stress: Stopping work at a reasonable hour each day and not working every weekend or thinking about work day and night has significant lifestyle and health advantages.

  2. Focusing on quality: Delivering a high-quality product or service for people and knowing some of those people gives you a warm, fulfilled feeling.

  3. Family time: By staying small, you can more easily make time for life’s most important priorities, like having dinner with your family or coaching your kids’ sports teams.

  4. Pursuing outside interests: Staying smaller gives you more time to explore and pursue your interests.

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