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AmiSight 3/21: Creating a “Tight-Knit” Team

The other week I had the privilege of attending a fantastic conference with 21 Hats in San Antonio, Texas. Interestingly enough, I saw a particularly resonating quote while touring a yarn factory owned by Laura Zander that inspired me to write this blog post: “Be the Person You Want to Work With


As an entrepreneur you’re in a unique position; directly controlling who you select for your team, how you play to their strengths, and when you manage their weaknesses. The first part is the most important key. Strengths can be developed, weaknesses can be overcome, but attitude is the foundation for success. And it’s no surprise that a solid team is built upon those who are solid team players.


So how do you make sure that you select the candidates with the right attitude and character, and how do you continue to foster this atmosphere within your business? It’s actually a simple recipe for success.


Look for the people who are…

  1. Confident to act on their own strengths

  2. Grounded to understand what areas they master and what areas they must grow in

  3. Appreciative of their teammate’s skills (instead of competitive with)

  4. Curious to learn from one another so that they may grow in their career and life

Nurturing this atmosphere of teamsmanship follows a simple recipe as well. Lead by example, applaud success, revitalize after failure, and when your team walks into work each day, challenge them to consider what it means to Be the Person You Want to Work With.

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