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AmiSight 3/25: Is Your Company More Like United or Delta?

I flew both United and Delta this week.

Our United flight was delayed multiple times. Finally, as I was starting to sweat, wondering if it would take off at all (it was only about midnight), I went to the gate agent and asked for clarity about what was going on. He responded that he didn't have a clue until the mechanics came off the plane and told me to “go sit down”.

On the Delta flight, the passenger and her daughter sitting next to me were worried about their tight connecting flight. So the flight attendant voluntarily worked to move their seats closer to the front of the plane to get off faster.

So which airline is your company more like and why?

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Mar 25, 2022

Great comparison and food for thought…. And I also have had similar experiences when I flew Delta then a few days later flew American. I now prefer to take an extra hop vs. direct flights sometimes to stay on delta.

Another angle on this, your brand perception carries over into recruiting good talent.

I know a recent business degree graduate who after working in business world for a few years decided they might want to be a flight attendant. The conversation essentially went “I think I might apply to be a flight attendant, but will only do it if I can work at Delta.“ They are now at flight attendant training in Atlanta 😀.

Mar 29, 2022
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Thanks for sharing Mark -

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