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AmiSight 3/8: Lessons Learned from Managing the American Rental Association Through the Pandemic

Today on AmiSights the Podcast we’re sitting down with the CEO of the American Rental Association (ARA), Tony Conant. The ARA is a trade association that represents 11,000 rental locations and over 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers to the equipment and event rental industry. Tony is responsible for enabling operational excellence across the organization and building capabilities to support ARA’s strategic plan. Tony’s passion is leadership and team development. He delivers high-energy presentations on leadership and team development that inspire others to challenge the status quo.

His professional experience includes over 20 years working in operations and supply chain functions at world-class companies such as Intel, BASF, Whirlpool and Bank of America. Prior to ARA, he was the COO at the Institute for Supply Management, a not-for-profit association focused on the supply chain management profession.

Listen here for how he advised all those CEO’s during the pandemic:

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