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Amisight 4/19: The Challenges of Transitioning to a Millennial-Based Workforce

Today on AmiSights the podcast, we’re sitting down with the owner and managing partner of Dame Leadership, John Dame! JD has a reputation as a great business strategist known for insightful evaluation, planning, and a passion for driving results. He has a fine-tuned understanding of the risks, challenges, and opportunities facing both seasoned and emerging CEOs, allowing him to specialize in executive team coaching and strategic planning. His approach enables an organization to execute better quickly and drive results. In addition, JD offers a step-by-step guide to the process in his book, Fast Track Strategic Planning.

JD is also a Group Chair for Vistage and the Best Practice Chair for South Central Pennsylvania. JD’s clients produce $5 billion in annual revenue and employ over 5,000 people.

His current focus has turned toward the role of purpose in the business environment, the new challenge of transitioning to a millennial-based workforce, and growing leadership teams within his client companies. In the sixth year, the Evolution Leadership Conference series is designed to help leaders move from the old "command and control" leadership style to a more Purposeful leadership style.

Tune in to hear the advice JD gave to his clients during the pandemic:

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