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AmiSight 4/22: Business Acquisitions Demystified: Insider Tips and Tricks

With all of the noise out there about business acquisitions, the MultiFunding team wants to help you sort out financing options and close the deal. The “SBA Tips & Tricks for Acquisitions” educational workshop this Wednesday will discuss the best ways to buy a business. 


Do you already own a business and want to grow your presence in your current industry or expand into new ones? Buying an existing business might be more affordable than you think. Our free, virtual workshop will teach you our top tricks and tips when looking to finance an acquisition.


We’ll touch upon collateral and down payment requirements for acquisitions, the types of businesses that are financeable, and why the SBA is your best option.


Want to learn more? Join Heather Hoover at noon ET on Wednesday. Click the button below to register.

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