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Amisight 5/10: Lessons From An Insightful 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Spoiler alert! My nephew, Dorian Wiederholt Kassar, this week's AmiSights podcast guest, is someone I've known since they were born. Dorian is a business owner, teacher, and coach. Since 2017, he has worked with over 4,000 teens sharing mental health, connection, and authenticity principles and practices. In addition, Dorian has trained with incredible mentors in coaching, martial arts, social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and healing. Through them, he learned the paths of peace, joy, connection, power, and abundance.

Dorian leads workshops and gives presentations at many schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and coaches young men one-on-one to become more authentic and empowered versions of themselves. In his sessions, he teaches young men how to “build up the muscle” of asking for help more often, not just when they’re in crisis. “My hindsight gets to be someone else’s foresight.” Many teens struggle to take advice from leaders who didn’t grow up with social media, school shootings, and COVID-19 because they genuinely didn't experience what it feels like. However, Dorian did and can help these students survive being young and thrive.

Dorian was a presenter at Rancho La Puerta's Family Week in 2019 and 2021. Dorian's mission is to bring out the greatness of every young person he works with, so they can thrive. His mentors include Les Brown, one of the world’s foremost motivational speakers, and Katie Salvage, the Director of Training at Challenge Day.

I wanted to sit down with him today, not just because he's my nephew. At a young age, he focuses all his energy on his passion for coaching and turning that into a successful business. Do you remember those early days when you took crazy risks and had that fire in your belly?

Listen to his full story here:

One of the best ways to kill a big dream is to tell it to a small-minded person. - Dorian

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