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AmiSight 5/13: American Airlines Favors Frequent Shoppers Over Frequent Flyers

This week I "earned" my Executive Platinum status on American Airlines. In the "old days," I used to fly like crazy throughout the year and barely make the threshold in December. This year, I made it after 16 flights !!

Are you wondering what happened? American Airlines changed the rules. If you use their credit cards, you get points towards your status based on card use. So last December, I flipped my personal and business cards and earned my status in May.

While I am "happy" to have my status locked up, I am not happy with American Airlines. I feel that they have insulted me as a road warrior and a faithful user of their services. The emotional connection is now gone. I don't feel "special" in any shape or form anymore.

The new American loyalty program may make sense on a spreadsheet somewhere. But as one of American's most "loyal" customers, I am not so loyal anymore. Unfortunately, I suspect I am not alone.

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May 16, 2022

I read somewhere that airlines now make almost all of their profits on interest paid on advance fares and no profit on actual flying of passengers. Also, cargo under the plane pays more pound for pound, inch for inch.

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