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AmiSight 5/4: My Opportunity to Give Back to EO

Last week, I attended the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Leadership Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. EO is a global peer-to-peer learning community with more than 17,500 members in 220 chapters in 61 countries. In July, I will start my presidency of the Philadelphia Chapter, where we currently have 111 members.

Taking on leadership of a non-profit organization is a big commitment of time and energy, especially while building a business. So a fair question might be why I’m accepting this responsibility. And how do I intend to manage my already crazy schedule with this extra load?

The answer is that being a member of EO taught me that spending time working on and thinking about things other than my business is healthy. EO is more than just the forum experience. There is an ever-expanding menu of local, regional, international, and virtual learning experiences to pick from. The more experiences that you can take advantage of and the more relationships with fellow entrepreneurs you can build, the more transformational moments you will enjoy along the way.

Learn more on my 21Hats column today.

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