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Amisight 6/15: The Science (or Art) of Ruthless Prioritization

Recently, I was honored to be on the 21 Hats podcast with Dana White, the CEO and Founder of Paralee Boyd. Dana's business, like most, hit a few bumps during the pandemic, and she wanted some advice on prioritizing opportunities and then financing them. So we sat with host Loren Feldman to discuss why I believe she should "Fire your Franchise Consultant" and answer these questions: What should she do first? Should she continue to pursue franchising, where she’s already sunk a lot of money? Or should she focus on opening company-owned salons? And should she be looking for an investor? If so, how important is it that she maintains control of the business? Or should she try for a bank loan? And if so, what kind of pitch is likely to impress a bank?

Listen to find out not only what my suggestions are for Dana but other nuggets of advice you should all be thinking about right now:

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