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AmiSight 6/29: Who Do You Bank With, And Are You Happy?

I would love to hear the reader's perspectives about who you bank with for your business and if you are happy with the relationship. This question is not tied to lending; it is connected to core checking/business operations.

I have always preached that I am not a big fan of big banks, but I also admit that for a long time, I secretly just banked with Wells Fargo anyway. (I am like a shoemaker whose kids don't have soles on their shoes). About a year ago, I had an experience with Wells Fargo where they lost one of my wires. I spent over a dozen hours on the phone speaking to random people from various departments across multiple states to resolve the matter.

I finally had enough. Instead of transferring to a smaller bank in my neighborhood, I picked a partner bank in Sacramento. (We're in Philadelphia). The experience has been nothing short of excellent!!

What is your banking experience?

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