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AmiSight 7/19: Overcoming Learning Differences To Build An Incredible Business

Today’s Amisights guest is Ben Clark, owner and president of B-Unlimited, a graphic design and printing company. Ben’s story is as inspirational as any as he not only struggles with ADD and dyslexia but also spent most of his life dealing with these disorders before modern day medicine. Throughout school Ben was someone who didn’t always excel in the academic aspect of the classroom but thrived in the social aspect, making connections and valuable relationships wherever his talents took him. He finished high school after just learning about having dyslexia and headed to the University of Arkansas. Ben spent most of his time in college in and out of academic probation and an endless loop of academic struggle that left him on his knees.

Despite this daily struggle that contributed to him eventually leaving college, Ben had always relied on his work ethic, something he learned and acquired from his father. After a few months getting rejected by the workforce, Ben figured that if he couldn’t get a job without a degree, he would make his own job and soon began his entrepreneurial journey. At first, most of his jobs were small entrepreneurial jobs that often ended in failure or accumulated debt. That is until 2006 when Ben bought B-Unlimited and got the chance at 37 to start over. “You can scale if you find a niche and essentially replicate that niche over and over again” and that’s exactly what Ben did with B-Unlimited, a company that now serves and works with over 200 universities and 3,000 sororities and fraternities. Through his countless struggles, Ben reiterated that faith and family were what pushed him through and allowed him to make sense of the things he couldn’t.

Tune in to hear about Ben’s journey as an entrepreneur and what we can learn from his grit and determination.

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