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Amisight 7/5: Balance is BS. How to have a Work. Life. Blend

This week’s guest on AmiSights the podcast is Tamara Loehr! Tamara got her start when she was just 19 by founding a Marketing Agency. The agency is still in operation and services national and international clients, as well as the businesses she owns under her investment company.

Tamara and her agency specialize in online sales. She now travels internationally, speaking on how to grow businesses online and sharing her experience in developing wellness brands from under $1M to over $10M without capital. Her sweat equity model saw swift success, leading to her winning a range of global awards, including a Gold Stevie® Awards for Women in Business for 'Fast Growing Company in 2016.

Tamara's focus is now on ethical brands in the Beauty and Wellness space. All her brands follow a strict mandate; Vegan, Cruelty-free, clean, female-founded, sustainable, and impactful. Tamara has since delved into Community Channel Marketing (CCM) which aims to disrupt the Multi-level Marketing (MLM)/direct selling industry. Her online channel 'Beusail' is designed to promote ethical brands while developing the next wave of female entrepreneurs.

Beusail is a new breed of online marketplace whereby anyone can 'co-sell' products with two clicks of a button and earn up to 30% commission on every sale. In addition, consumers can leverage their power of influence on their social media channels to gain an additional source of income. Last but not least, she is the author of Balance is BS. How to have a Work. Life. Blend: Tamara's book calls bullshit on 'balance' and presents a better way: it permits women to blend their work and personal lives without getting burnt out.

Please find out how she helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and transition into more ethical brands:

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