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AmiSight 8/16: Yes, There Is Such a Thing As the Chutzpah Institute

This week I sat down with Mason Harris, also known as "The Chutzpah Guy." Mason is the Founder of The Chutzpah Institute and provides keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, and training to organizations looking to stimulate growth through the principles of Chutzpah.

So often, we think Chutzpah is a characteristic of very successful people and companies. But does it apply to all of us? Can anyone use 'Chutzpah' and have an impact? In this episode, Mason explains how the culture of Chutzpah can make a difference in organizations.

According to Mason, Chutzpah is neither good nor bad. "A team that has chutzpah will have more honest debates, not rude - but more challenging." People with Chutzpah speak up in meetings, advocate for themselves and their ideas, and don't make others' objections stop them from pursuing their ideas. Most entrepreneurs have Chutzpah!

Mason works with organizations to make people on the team aware that they might be holding themselves back and to make others on the team more welcoming of different ideas. People don't like being challenged - yet challenging others' opinions is a way to ensure the best decision or alternatives come to fruition.

Tune in to learn how to make Chutzpah part of your company's DNA!

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