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AmiSight 8/23: What Is Intentionality?

This week's podcast guest is the creator of, Finnian Kelly. Finnian is a world-renowned keynote speaker on Intentionality, a retreat facilitator, and a 1:1 executive coach.

After a powerful two-week trip off-grid in Peru, Finnian starts our show by illustrating his newfound "inner guidance, knowledge, and wisdom." Finnian then dives into his unique ability to put consciousness into business and inspire entrepreneurs to find new levels of meaning and purpose through their creative endeavors. Next, Finnian explains how this approach flowed through his term as President of the Colorado Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). Finally, Finnian describes how he helps people 'love their path' so they can feel content with a life lived in the now.

As an entrepreneur, Finnian shares how he built and exited two multi-million dollar companies in the financial industry. Now he is the Creator and Chief Visionary Officer of, where he offers coaching and courses to guide people through the four paths of the Intentionality Framework. Finnian is also a retreat facilitator providing entrepreneurs with unique, mind-shifting experiences to awaken and connect deeply with their business and authentic self.

Finnian spent seven years in the Australian Defense Force and graduated from one of the most prestigious leadership organizations in the World, The Royal Military College of Duntroon. Above all, Finnian describes himself as a conscious being - "Committed to embodying Intentionality and inspiring others to do the same."

Discover more about living an intentional life on this week’s episode:

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