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AmiSight 8/9: Chatting with the Queen of H.R.

Today’s podcast episode features Marcia O’Connor, CEO, and founder of The O'Connor Group. Like many entrepreneurs, Marcia's company was born from a determination to be her own boss and be able to spend more time with her family. The O'Connor Group is a human resources and talent acquisitions company that helps small and medium-sized businesses nationwide get their ducks in a row. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs start their businesses and never quite get around to organizing their business or creating proper structure. This is where Marcia and her team come into play by helping these businesses establish organization, structure, handbooks, and more.

In this podcast, Marcia and I discuss entrepreneurship and its struggles. After the pandemic, how many employees are not being stimulated enough by their employers? Due to inflation, many entrepreneurs are not wanting to spend the money to hire people, which leaves employees to ditch the idea of working for less money. Many entrepreneurs think their employees' work life and experience are up to H.R. Still, Marcia argues that just like a parent, entrepreneurs should care and put more effort into bringing their teams and employees together. People are missing out on the continuity and community within work life, leaving them with no "why" and no reason to be loyal and stay with their companies. Ultimately, employers need to help with their employee's mental health and put money towards them before it's too late.

Tune in here to listen to this interview and maybe get some tips on how to inspire your teams!

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