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AmiSight 9/12: Learn How to Scale Up From a Six Time Exit Entrepreneur

In today’s podcast, we talk to Mac Lackey, a former professional soccer player and an entrepreneur who has built and sold six companies. Currently, Mac is mentoring entrepreneurs via ExitDNA, his exclusive program for founders and entrepreneurs who want confidence and clarity on the exact steps they need to take now to create the option for a successful exit in the future. He explains how his experience as an athlete prepared him for the business world.

“Whether it's entrepreneurship or traditional business, or whatever people pursue in life, what is required to achieve success in a sport at a high level is discipline and drive and hard work. And if it's a team sport, it requires all kinds of interpersonal dynamics, dealing with others and communication,” he explains.

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • How he turned a frustrating experience with his daughter’s soccer tournament into a company he eventually sold to NBC Sports.

  • Why it is crucial to surround yourself with team members who are aligned with not just your business goals, but also your morals and ethics.

  • Why entrepreneurs should bootstrap in the beginning and seek funding after creating something solid.

  • What Mac considers before becoming an angel investor.

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