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AmiSight 9/20: A Conversation With The Most Creative Human Being I Know

This week on the AmiSights podcast, I interviewed Elisabeth Garson. Elisabeth is an Executive Creative Director and an Experience Producer that builds interactive brand experiences and develops gamification for corporate training (learn as you play). She's given dozens of lectures on experiential design, advertising, escape rooms, and more. She authored two industry books and is the owner of Steel Owl Productions, with the award-winning game room, Escape The 1980s.

Her current work blends interactive, off-screen experiences with advertising and learning. In 2015, she founded Steel Owl Productions, a company that works with brands looking to promote or train via real-life experiences. In addition, she's developed interactive experiences for the museum industry, training industry, and Fortune 500 companies.

Before Steel Owl Productions, Elisabeth explained that her creative journey started in advertising for 20 years as a Creative Director. Her clients ranged from large companies (Comcast, Advanta, The Franklin Mint) to medium-sized businesses and even start-ups. From craft beer…to cable TV — her creative work explored consumer experience from the perspective of targeted audience research. This knowledge was the primary building block for the Steel Owl business model, including game development, company branding, and puzzles to create player engagement. Now Elisabeth creates gamified experiences for corporations, brands, museums, and even schools. "So basically, I take boring content and make it into a game, an event, an experience - all based on content that a company is trying to reinforce."

As of last year, Elisabeth welcomed in one partner who does the forward-facing corporate content and work - while she focuses on the creative. “We need to find people to partner and collaborate with who are in many aspects our opposites - really understand your strengths and weaknesses, and then build yourself a team who compensates for your weaknesses.”

Please tune in to hear Elisabeth's creative journey, her favorite projects, and what her creative mind is currently working on.

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