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AmiSight 9/27: This Journey Started With Collecting Baseball Cards

This week, I sat down with the co-founder of Mobile Outfitters, Eric Griffin (better known as Griff), and dove into his entrepreneurial journey. Griff is an entrepreneur at heart - starting his first business at the age of 8 when he wanted to collect baseball cards, so he became a wholesaler and sold packs of cards to friends to pay for the leftover packs he would keep. After starting mini businesses throughout grade school and high school, ranging from web design to hard drive sales, Griff went to college at Villanova as a computer engineer.

Griff explained while school was never his strong suit, he quickly figured out that it's okay to be an entrepreneur as a career. This realization led to Griff going part-time in his studies to run his first business at scale,, which did over $1mil in sales in his senior year of college. Griff takes us on his journey from Import GSM, which eventually became Mobile Outfitters. "The pivot was out of sheer grit, determination not to fail, and perseverance and some tough times that humbled us up pretty quickly."

Based out of Philadelphia, Mobile Outfitters is a manufacturer, innovator, and consumer brand of mobile accessories, with 900 retail locations spanning 55 countries. Its mission is to create opportunity and fulfillment for others by challenging the status quo. "We challenge the status quo to get us to the next level. So many entrepreneurs wait until things break; sometimes, that's too late. We live it, breathe it, and talk about it." Griff illustrates how he keeps a culture of innovation and cultivate a team who is excited to pivot.

Griff is also a board member of the Philadelphia chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a non-profit network exclusively for entrepreneurs, co-founder of GSW Apartments, a 33-unit real estate development and property management company, and co-founder of PAW5, a consumer brand of puzzle feeders and enrichment products for dogs.

Tune in to hear Griff’s entrepreneurial journey:

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