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AmiSight 2/1 : Happy 13th Birthday MultiFunding!

Updated: Apr 10

Happy Birthday to us! Today marks 13 years since MultiFunding came into the world. As we enter our teenage years, I want to take a moment to celebrate how much we have grown and matured since infancy.

MultiFunding was borne, if you will, out of the end of my corporate career. The day after losing my corporate job that I thought I would retire from, I started working on my new baby. Six weeks later, MultiFunding was live. The mission from day one has been to stand up for the small business community, especially when the so-called adults in the room don’t. Now, we are beating many of the biggest banks in the country with our focus on SBA loans.

So, raise a toast to us as we celebrate our accomplishments and plan to grow in the future!

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