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AmiSight 2/14: Embracing the Lessons Learned during the Pandemic with Josh Linkner

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

In today's podcast, I talk to innovation expert Josh Linkner about how the pandemic grounded him as a public speaker and essentially changed his life.

At his peak as a public speaker, Josh made 163 in-person keynote speeches in 2017. He was rolling in the early months of 2020 with a booked calendar – until the COVID-19 pandemic halted live events in March. As he puts it, “a multi-million dollar speaking business went from good to zero in a matter of days.”

But he adapted quickly and found new ways to make money, including offering virtual keynotes and starting a venture capital fund. In addition, he embraced his motto: "Break it to fix it" – proactively examining what might be working on the surface and deconstructing it to find new ways to move forward.

Now that live events are back and better than ever due to pent-up demand and the need for connection, he is doing around 80 combined virtual and live speaking events annually. Listen to the lasting lessons he learned during the pandemic and how they can help you embrace change.

Listen to this week's AmiSights Podcast episode here.

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