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AmiSight 2/6: Choosing a Growth Lane to Sleep Better at Night

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Building a business requires constant decisions about small and significant investments. But before you make any decisions, you need a plan – and before you have a plan, you need a goal.

While you want to look forward to meeting your three-year goal, take a look at your three top investments of the past year. Did you invest in people, marketing, equipment, products, real estate, or something else? Some of these are tangible, and some are intangible, but all need to be tracked.

What direction you go with your investments depends on your risk tolerance which ranges from Conservative, Measured, or Aggressive. None of these are right or wrong; they must suit your needs and comfort zone.

There are different levels to growing your business, and each has its pros and cons. I will be hosting a webinar this Wednesday at 12PM EST. to help you get clarity on how big you want to get, how much risk you want to take, and the financing choices available. You can register here.

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