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AmiSight 4/10: The Power Of One – Let's Find Your Hidden Cash

Entrepreneurs often prioritize their income over their cash flow. However, a deep understanding of the 7 levers that drive profit and cash is crucial to achieving financial success. Join Jonathan Mond, a globally recognized business coach and speaker, as he guides you on how to work these financial levers. With his expertise, you will uncover hidden cash through the Power of One and the 1%- or 1-Day changes that will transform your company's bank balance and improve its valuation. He will also teach you how to create effective financial strategies while helping you avoid the pitfalls of growing broke.

Join Jonathan this Wednesday, April 12th at 3PM, EST. for a 1hour webinar where he will cover:

  1. Financial Health Check.

  2. Explain “I made profit, so where is my Cash”?

  3. The seven levers in your financials and the Power Of One.

  4. Implement the lessons, to improve your Cash, Profit and Valuation.

Click here to register!

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