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Covid Option B

So today our daughter Charlotte will head off for her second year of College. However, there is one big difference – she is going to a new school.

I wrote last year about her new beginning at the University of Hartford, my fears of what her Covid experience would be like, and her determination to try it anyway. Her on-campus lasted one semester and one week of the second semester before she threw up her hands in frustration and came home to finish school virtually. I guess that going with her few friends to walk around Walmart at night for fun was not her vision of what she expected College to be.

I am most proud of her resilience – and her determination to start something new. Today she will begin her second year at West Chester University. She is nervous, excited, and ready to go.

I will never really know if her first school was a good match for her or not. But it doesn't matter. What impresses me is her willingness to pivot, stand up tall, and try again And all I can do now is hope and pray that Option B will work out better for her than Option A. That's often how the real world works—what a way to learn that lesson early on in life.

Please join me in wishing Charlotte the best of luck !!!

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