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How to Present in a Virtual World

Mikki Williams is a certified speaking professional, a member of the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, and a TEDx speaker. A global celebrity speaker and transformational storyteller, she was chosen as one of the best speakers in the country by Meetings and Convention Magazine, along with Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, and Lou Holtz. If that's not enough, this busy entrepreneur runs Speaker Schools, The Mikki Mouth Club, Keynote Kamp, Outrageous Orators, and she was recognized in Forbes as a top executive speech coach.

Mikki's real passion is helping her clients communicate and make their points through transformational storytelling - even the data dumpers.

“You can entertainingly share data and content if you use the power of story to do it.” - Mikki.

On today’s podcast, Mikki shared with me some of her best tips and tricks for presenting in a virtual world, and they all revolve around engagement.

Have a conversation model. Everyone has to have their video on and be off mute. Call on random people. They don’t know when they’re going to get called on and therefore stay more engaged. Mikki believes that the audience also needs an interaction every 7-10 minutes- a change in their physicality to create oxygen flow (head nod, thumbs up, write this down, etc.). If your audience isn’t responding, be more confident! If you are a confident speaker, people will do what you tell them to do.

“Ask a damn question. If you ask questions and get no answer to them, it’s because you suck at asking questions.” - Mikki.

You can have the most fantastic content in the world, but if you can’t deliver it and keep them engaged, then it’s a waste. “Winging it” is a dirty saying in Mikki’s world.

“People who can talk think they can speak, but that’s not the case. Underneath a good speech are a structure, craft, skills, and practice.” “Delivery eats content for breakfast.” – Mikki

Get More Tips from Mikki Here:

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