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So What Can LinkedIn Do For You?

Colleen McKenna launched Intero Advisory for individuals and companies focused on increasing their sales and talent initiatives. Since 2011 Intero Advisory, a LinkedIn consulting, coaching, and training firm has helped more than 600 companies who have since increased their presence, revenue, and hiring opportunities. In addition, her membership site, blog, and podcast reach a global audience that benefits from applying her expertise, insight, strategy, and techniques.

The Intero team, over 18 months, sourced more than 80,000 LinkedIn profiles for clients across the country for lead generation and recruiting. On behalf of one client, Intero secured more than 2.3 million in new revenue. In addition, Colleen and Intero shake up the status quo with a personal approach to business by maximizing an individual's network, personal brand, and expertise. “We help companies and individuals enable LinkedIn for branding, business development, and recruiting. We like to think of ourselves as LinkedIn translators.”

Today, our main topic is how LinkedIn marketing and hiring have changed and how business owners should be taking advantage of it.

As LinkedIn continues to change and evolve, many business owners aren't aware of the changes, let alone have a Linkedin strategy. Colleen and her team help businesses create a strong presence and build a system, so they're practical and efficient on LinkedIn. Why is LinkedIn important? Colleen says, “At least 90% of employers/employees vet someone when they hear their name. Even if they type the name into google, usually, their linked-in profile is the top result. It is an opportunity for you to showcase who you are and who the company is and create credibility quickly. It is an effective way to create a strategic network for business.”

Some quick tips from the expert?

  1. Think of it as a marketing and recruiting tool, not an online resume. However, if you're in transition, then the profile can steer more towards an online resume.

  2. Look at your and your team's profiles to see how you and the company come off as potential employers.

Want more than two tips? Listen Here:

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