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Will I Continue to Think That I am Invincible?

Two weeks ago, I was at home, and my phone started blowing up with tornado warnings telling me to go to the basement and take cover. I ignored them and didn't take them seriously. Minutes later, a tornado ripped through my neighborhood. My house was miraculously unscathed, but much of my community looked like a war zone when it was done.

I don’t know if my feeling on invincibility is tied to being an entrepreneur, but I have been thinking a lot about why I ignored the tornado warning. Somehow I think that I work my way out of everything and make it OK. As another example, when I get on an airplane, I often sit in an exit row. I smile at the flight attendant when they ask if I have read the emergency exit requirements, but I never do. For whatever reason, I don't think I will ever be on an airplane that has a problem.

Will the experiences of the last two weeks make me more cautious? I want to think so – but the truth is our memories are short. Only time will tell.

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