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AmiSight 6/27: Fletcher Helps Us Solve Hard Hiring Problems and Understand Behavior Assessments

In today’s podcast, we talk to Fletcher Wimbush, Founder, CEO, and Lead Executive Recruiter for The Hire Talent, a talent assessment company that solves difficult hiring problems primarily for companies with 0-250 employees. Fletcher tells us how he got into the industry and shares how to find the top talent.

“I spent literally my entire life since I was 16 thinking about this,” he said. “My father was a management consultant, like a business coach. And he developed these really cool behavioral aptitude assessments. He was an introvert – like a researcher, scientist kind of guy. And I was like this crazy outgoing extrovert…My dad was chirping at me in the background saying, ‘get the right people on the bus and good things are gonna happen inside of your organization,’ and that just stuck with me for some reason.”

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • The importance of talking to the right references.

  • The most effective questions in interviewing.

  • The differences between assessment tests.

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