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AmiSight 7/14: Do You Think You Need to Hire More Salespeople?

A standard answer to the Uncle Joe Question, which is, What would you do if you had an extra $1M to invest in your business? Is that entrepreneurs would hire more salespeople.

There may be a better answer than hiring new salespeople. However, hiring salespeople is tough, and picking the right ones is often like playing Russian Roulette. It takes time to find the right person who is both a good salesperson and aligns with your company's values and vision.

It’s often the entrepreneur who is the best salesperson for the company. And the challenge is that we are working 60–80 hours a week and don't feel like we have time to sell. But if we think about what we are working on and spending our time on, there are often large tasks that can be better done by someone else. And if you can free yourself of this time, you can open up the capacity to sell !!

Remember, our number one job is to try and get ourselves fired !!

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