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AmiSight 8/3: Scaling a Business When You Can’t Find Employees

My 21Hats post today continues my series about "embracing the uncomfortable." Today we dig into the story of a pool company whose owner frequently turns down business because of his company’s limited capacity. David, "the pool man," runs a company with about eight employees and $1.5 million in sales. He subs out as much work as he can. During the busy season, David bounces between serving as chief bottle washer, project manager, estimator, salesman, etc. He’s on pretty much 24/7 with little respite. Sometimes, he wishes he could clone himself, but he has yet to crack that code.

David wants to grow and expand his business. But he constantly turns down work, primarily because he needs more skilled and talented labor to help him. And these days, those kinds of workers are hard to come by.

Want to learn more about the potential solutions to David’s challenges? Click here to read!

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