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AmiSight 9/21: Inc. Hits New Lows

I almost fell out of my chair when I read a recent article on Inc., all about the virtues and benefits of high-priced alternative lending for businesses, with no discussion about the risks and benefits of going to banks to get financing options that entrepreneurs can afford.

If you are curious about the source of this article, it is authored by Oz Konar of Business Lending BluePrint. What is their business? Business Lending BluePrint charges individuals to teach them how to become alternative funding brokers!! They are training an army of individuals to put business owners on predatory loans.

How does an article like this appear on Inc.? Mr. Konar is a member of the Inc. Masters Program for Inc. 5000 winners, which entitles him to "privileges" to publish on the site.

So, friends, when you read something on Inc., take it with a grain of salt.

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